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NetEnt games have been fascinating players for many years and the number of online casinos that are part of their network increases steadily. 2020 was a great year so far for the software developer and it is far from over, so be positive numbers are only expected to improve.

As the number of casinos joining the network increases, the ones who have been around for a long time enjoy special benefits.

Mr. Green Casino players can take advantage of exclusive deals and a collection of games that keeps on giving.

Meanwhile, all these casinos and their members are interested about the managerial changes that take place with the Scandinavian software developer. All of them are expected to be for the better and the ones leading the company have both the experience and quality needed to improve his performance. Therese Hillman was appointed as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer and she expressed her enthusiasm for being given the chance to prove her quality.

Before being appointed in this prestigious position, she took good care of the finance and accounting Department of Gymgrossisten. This is another Scandinavian operator, with the headquarters in Sweden so the transition to NetEnt makes perfect sense under these circumstances.

This is obviously just one of the many reasons that convinced company representatives that should make a great fit for the team. She brings a lot of enthusiasm into the mix and also a great deal of experience that will prove useful.

The iGaming industry is very competitive and even the leaders need to make sure they don’t allow the runners-up to close the gap separating them. There are plenty of serious competitors coming strongly from behind and turning a blind eye to them would be a big mistake.

The players to bring her aboard and not exactly new and the talks began earlier this year, with a decision being only recently made. A press release posted a couple of months ago on the website suggested the fact that such a move was inevitable.

Now that the company has a new expert at its helm, only time will tell whether the results will meet the high expectations. Everything seems to be pointing into this direction, so the new leader will try to do her back and lets facts speak louder than words. She will have some big boots to feel because the company has flourished over the last couple of years.

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