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Do you want to be notified as soon as a patch release, a preview version or a stable release has been released? Just sign up with your details here and we shall send you an immediate notification that there is an update available!

In addition you can also be notified when a specific issue has been fixed. The release notes include information regarding the resolution of the specific bug items therefore as soon as the release notes contain information regarding the JIRA issue you wanted to be notified for, you will receive a corresponding email.
The notification email will contain details about the issues you want to be notified about, you can also edit your settings and add other JIRA Issue numbers that you want to track.

Stable releases (currently:,
This Update Provider (www.getrailo.org ) returns only stable versions. The versions found here are deeply tested. This source is recommended for production environments.

Preview releases (currently:,
This Update Provider (preview.getrailo.org) returns public preview versions. Versions are tested, but not as deeply as stable releases. This source could be used for production environments. Please use caution.

Development releases (Bleeding Edge) (currently:,
This Update Provider (dev.getrailo.org) returns ""Bleeding Edge"" versions. Usually only a small amount of testing has been performed on these versions. This source should NOT be used for production environments.

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Use this text field to enter search terms included in the update notes. You can enter a JIRA ticket number or a keyword that is in the release notes. If one of the keywords is found you will be notified by email. Separate the keywords with a comma (,). If you already have registered a notification, it will be updated with your new keywords.

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