Well Of Wonders

Well of Wonders slot machine review by Thunderkick

Swedish developers gambling software Thunderkick, in March 2017 released a bitcoin slot Well Of Wonders, the theme of which was magic, fairy tales and magic.

Its uniqueness lies in its unusual characteristics and rules, which are fundamentally different from most slot machines of the modern generation. Also, if you are attracted to the theme of an enchanted forest, magical runes and magical artifacts in the form of colored stones, Well Of Wonders will definitely have to taste.

Well of Wonders Features

One of the main differences of this machine is the unusual structure of the field: there is no usual gamblers reels and rows. No strict layout of the sections and fields, the characters are placed chaotically across the screen. In addition, the slot is completely absent fixed paylines, as combinations are counted by the number of identical symbols falling out.

Spin rate ranges from 0.10 to 100.00 units of money. The whole range is divided into 14 steps (9 variants of the denomination to 10.00 and 5 variants from 10.00 to 100.00). This set of bets is considered standard for all machines from the company Thunderkick.

The goal, despite the changed characteristics, remains the same. You need to make as many combinations as possible. That is, the symbols are involved in them, regardless of the sequence in which they have fallen out. The smallest prize chain consists of 3x the same elements. Only the highest combination within one chain is paid. For example, if there are 5 identical stones on the field, the payment for 3 and 4 stones is not provided.

The percentage of theoretical payout declared by the manufacturer is 96.1%. The maximum winnings are 228,000 coins.

Well of Wonders Appearance

In order for the external shell video slot corresponded to the declared subject matter, the developers of the company Thunderkick had to try very hard over graphics, sound effects and animations. After all, they had to fill it with a lot of details that would create the atmosphere of a fairy-tale forest full of magic and enchantment. Did they succeed? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the graphic component. The background is made in the form of an enchanted forest, which is the player will be opening this slot. Mighty trees, trunks covered with moss, go far beyond the field, green grass, flowers and small mushrooms. All these small and large details perfectly immersed in the atmosphere of a fairy tale forest. In the center is the main character, stated in the title – the magic well. All in gray stone, with magical runes painted all around the rim.

The style of drawing, of course, cartoon, which immediately leads the user to the association c cartoons and fairy tales. Of the magic well, by the way, and will appear elements in the form of bizarre colored stones. All figures are three-dimensional and three-dimensional, which is not often seen in the machines. Typically, most providers have in their arsenal of 2D video slots, on their background, Well Of Wonders looks more successful.

Control Panel has not undergone any changes. Classic design, typical of products from Thunderkick forwarded to this video slot. All buttons are located in the same familiar places, and in their purpose is not difficult to understand even on an intuitive level.

Animation effects in Well Of Wonders enough. Volumetric stones of different colors rotate around their axis, gently gleaming. A magical stream of energy flows from the well in bright blue, and in the background, you can see chaotically flying fireflies and the subtle shimmer of sunlight. All these effects work for the overall atmosphere, perfectly complementing it, and decorating it. The forest literally breathes and lives due to the animations. Each moving part is made with quality and soul. In the dynamics during the spins, all the characters appear out of the well, and then, at the end of the round, disappear under the control panel.

The course of figures smoothly, and corresponds to the general atmosphere. Sounds fill perfectly fits into this synthesis of graphics and animation, adding more fairy tale character. As a background, the developers decided to use two sound files at once. First one is live and naturalistic sounds of the forest. Birdsong, wind noise, etc. The second is a beautiful musical melody, performed on the metallophone. The sound of this instrument perfectly conveys the association with the fairy tale, and its gentle melody perfectly suits the video slot.

Well of Wonders symbols

A fairy-tale atmosphere, bright colors, and enchanting music. All this is just a shell, but what can “the well of wonders” from Thunderkick offer the user as a stuffing? Now we’ll dig into it and find you all the bonus features and the most expensive characters that can offer a video slot.


The basic group includes nine items. They are – fancy stones of different shapes and colors, different patterns of relief and value. The differences are quite numerous, so it is almost impossible to confuse elements with each other. The most lucrative is a chain consisting of seven round, red stones. This prize chain will multiply your bet by 50 times.

Wild Symbol

The purple stone with a large W in the center is the Wild symbol. He can replace any pebble, in the case of potential participation in the combination. In other words, it will help build or prolong the prize chain.

Prize features

In addition to Wild, get a big win will help a few prize features, which is equipped with this machine.


This feature is activated if there are in the field at least one winning chain. In this case, the whole prize chain disappears, freeing up their cells. All other elements remain in their places and there is an additional rotation, as a result of which the empty cells are filled with new symbols. If this results in another chain of prizes, there is another spin. The function lasts as long as there are prize chains as a result of the re-spins.


This feature is very closely related to the previous one. Multiplier is a multi-stage multiplier with different rates that can increase your winnings per spin by several times. Well Of Wonders has 6 steps multiplier with odds x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 and x32. The transition from one step to the other occurs simultaneously with the Respin function. In case the Multiplier has reached the highest value (x32) and Respin is still in progress, all further prizes are paid by the coefficient of x32. As soon as the combinations stop falling out, the Respin function ends, and together with it the multiplier goes to the initial indicator (x1).

Fairy Feature

This feature can really be called a fairy feature. If there is no combination, a good fairy will come, shuffle all the symbols and fix the situation with her magic wand.

This feature is triggered at random, that is, it may appear on any rotation (if it will be without a winning chain). Its activation is accompanied by the appearance of a good sorceress on the field. With a wave of her magic wand, she frees the field from the single elements (except Wild) and starts Respin and Multiplier. Thus, the fairy helps to collect more combinations. Her action is limited to one round; however, it is quite enough to get a solid win.


Well Of Wonders is a fairly rare product on the online gambling market. The non-standard structure of the field, the lack of paylines – these factors strongly distinguish it among the classic video slots. Another thing – your taste. Some people like kind fairy tales and magic, and someone likes the theme of space or aliens. Some people like classic machines c a lot of paylines and 5-reels, and there will be lovers of these, more simple machines. Whether this slot is your favorite game we do not know, but try it out, at least in free mode, definitely worth it.

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