Exclusive New Online Slots 2024 For Users

Exclusive New Online Slots 2024 For Users

The Most Exciting Online Slots Coming in 2024

As we step into 2024, the online casino landscape is witnessing a thrilling transformation with the introduction of exclusive new online slots designed specifically for users seeking next-level gaming experiences. These slots are not just games; they’re a blend of cutting-edge technology, captivating graphics, and immersive storylines that transport players into different worlds. From futuristic sci-fi themes to revamped classics, each game offers something unique – be it through interactive bonus rounds, innovative payline structures, or groundbreaking augmented reality features.

Developers have focused on creating a user-centric gaming environment, where ease of play, fair gaming practices, and stunning visuals come together seamlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of online gambling, these 2024 releases promise to elevate your gaming sessions, offering not just a chance to win but an opportunity to embark on an extraordinary gaming journey.

The importance and appeal of new slot games for users

The allure and importance of new slot games for users in the online gambling world are multifaceted, catering to a spectrum of desires and expectations. At their core, these games represent a fresh wave of excitement and potential for both entertainment and winnings. For regular players, new slots break the monotony, introducing novel themes, innovative gameplay mechanics, and advanced graphical interfaces that keep the gaming experience invigorating and dynamic.

They also often come with improved odds, special bonuses, and unique features that heighten the chance of winning, drawing both casual and serious gamblers. For the industry, new slots signify technological advancement, showcasing the latest in gaming software, animation, and sound design. They serve as a testament to a casino’s commitment to staying at the forefront of gaming trends, which is crucial for attracting and retaining users.

Moreover, these new offerings keep the market competitive and user-centric, pushing developers to continuously enhance user experience and satisfaction. In essence, the introduction of new slot games is a vital cog in the machinery of online gambling, fueling user engagement, industry innovation, and the perpetual evolution of digital entertainment.

Technological Advances in New Online Slots

The online slots game industry is currently experiencing a wave of innovative trends that are reshaping player experiences. One of the most notable trends is the integration of advanced technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), which are transforming traditional slot games into immersive and interactive experiences. These technologies allow players to step into fully realized digital environments, adding a depth of engagement previously unattainable.

Another trend is the increased use of complex narratives and high-quality graphics, making slot games more akin to video games. This shift not only enhances visual appeal but also deepens the storytelling aspect, attracting a broader audience. Moreover, the incorporation of skill-based elements in slot games is gaining traction. Unlike traditional slots, these games include features that require player skill or strategy, appealing to those who seek a challenge and not just luck-based outcomes. There’s also a growing emphasis on social gaming, where players can interact with each other, compete in tournaments, or share achievements, fostering a community aspect within the online slots sphere.

Additionally, the use of mobile-first designs reflects the increasing preference of players to engage in gaming on their smartphones, offering convenience and accessibility. These trends highlight a dynamic and evolving industry, constantly adapting to incorporate new technologies and player preferences, ensuring a continually fresh and engaging gaming experience.

Revolutionary New Online Slots 2024

The landscape of new online slots 2024 is marked by a range of exclusive and innovative games, each bringing something unique to the table. Here’s a detailed look at some of the standout offerings:

  1. Cyber Odyssey Slots: This game takes players on a futuristic journey through a neon-lit digital world. Its standout feature is the integration of augmented reality, where players can use their mobile devices to unlock additional 3D gameplay elements and bonuses. The slot boasts a narrative-driven experience, complete with character progression and story arcs.
  2. Wild Safari Adventure: Set against the backdrop of the African savannah, this game combines stunning visuals with an interactive gameplay experience. It features a unique ‘Track the Animal’ bonus round where players use their skills to track different animals for rewards. The game also offers a dynamic day-night cycle, impacting the gameplay and odds.
  3. Pirate’s Bounty VR: A virtual reality slot game, Pirate’s Bounty VR immerses players in a pirate-themed adventure on the high seas. With a VR headset, players can explore the deck of a pirate ship and play mini-games to uncover hidden treasures. The game is noted for its high-quality graphics and engaging storyline.
  4. Mystic Elements: This game centers around the theme of nature’s elements – earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Each element comes with its own set of unique bonuses and gameplay mechanics. For example, the water element might trigger a cascading reels feature, while fire could unlock expanding wilds.
  5. Space Conquest 3D: An intergalactic-themed slot game that features 3D graphics and a storyline about exploring distant galaxies. It includes a variety of space-themed bonus rounds, such as navigating asteroid fields or engaging in space battles, adding an action-packed layer to the traditional slot experience.
  6. Legends of Olympus: Inspired by Greek mythology, this slot game incorporates characters like Zeus, Athena, and Poseidon. Each god has a unique bonus feature; for instance, Zeus might throw lightning bolts to turn symbols into wilds. The game also features a progressive jackpot linked to the pantheon of gods.
  7. Retro Rewind: A throwback to classic fruit machines but with a modern twist. It offers a nostalgia-inducing experience with its vintage graphics and sound effects, combined with contemporary features like multipliers, free spins, and a ‘rewind’ feature that can reverse the reels for potential wins.

New Online Slots Adventures Awaiting in 2024

Game Title Developer Theme Key Features Platform Compatibility RTP (%) Volatility
Cyber Odyssey Slots FuturePlay Gaming Futuristic/Sci-Fi Augmented Reality integration, Narrative-driven, 3D Graphics PC, Mobile 96.2 Medium
Wild Safari Adventure WildSpin Studios African Safari ‘Track the Animal’ bonus, Dynamic day-night cycle, 4K Graphics Mobile, Tablet 94.8 High
Pirate’s Bounty VR VRMax Gaming Pirate Adventure Virtual Reality immersive play, Interactive mini-games VR, PC 95.5 Low
Mystic Elements Elemental Slots Nature/Mythical Element-based bonuses, Cascading reels, HD Animation PC, Mobile, Tablet 96.5 Medium
Space Conquest 3D Galaxy Games Space Exploration 3D Space-themed bonus rounds, Action-packed gameplay PC, VR 93.7 High
Legends of Olympus Mythos Interactive Greek Mythology Progressive jackpot, God-themed bonuses, Cinematic graphics PC, Mobile, Tablet 97.0 Low
Retro Rewind Classic Casino Co. Retro Vintage aesthetics, ‘Rewind’ feature, Multiplier bonuses Mobile, Tablet 95.0 Medium

Technological Advances in New Online Slots

The latest slot games of 2024 are a marvel of technological innovation, utilizing cutting-edge advancements to enhance both the gaming experience and safety for players. Here’s a look at some key technologies at play:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI has revolutionized the way slot games function. From personalizing gaming experiences to optimizing customer support, AI algorithms analyze player data to tailor game recommendations and bonuses, creating a more engaging and satisfying user experience. Additionally, AI is used to detect and prevent problem gambling behaviors, ensuring a safer gaming environment.
  2. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Blockchain technology is increasingly being used to ensure fairness and transparency in slot games. With its decentralized ledger, every transaction and spin can be recorded and verified, making it virtually impossible to manipulate game outcomes. This transparency builds trust among players. Furthermore, the integration of cryptocurrencies as a payment method provides anonymity and security, along with faster and more efficient transactions.
  3. Advanced Graphics and Animation: The use of high-definition graphics and sophisticated animation techniques has dramatically enhanced the visual appeal of slot games. 3D graphics and virtual reality (VR) create immersive environments that engage players more deeply than traditional slots. These graphical advancements, combined with compelling storylines and themes, transform a simple slot spin into a rich visual and interactive experience.
  4. Augmented Reality (AR): AR technology in slot games offers an interactive layer to the gaming experience, bringing game elements to life in the player’s environment. This could mean spinning a virtual slot reel on your coffee table or having game characters interact with your surroundings, adding a novel and engaging aspect to gameplay.
  5. Machine Learning for Customized Experiences: Machine learning algorithms are employed to analyze player preferences and behaviors, allowing for the customization of games. This could mean adjusting the complexity, themes, or even the bonus types offered based on individual player histories, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.
  6. Enhanced Security Protocols: With the incorporation of advanced encryption technologies and secure servers, online slot games have become safer than ever. These security measures protect players’ personal and financial data, ensuring a secure gaming environment.
  7. Sound Engineering: The importance of sound in slot games is often underestimated. Advanced sound engineering provides a more immersive and engaging experience, with soundtracks and effects that react to gameplay, adding another layer of excitement for players.
  8. Cloud Gaming: The rise of cloud technology allows for smoother and faster gameplay, regardless of a player’s device specifications. This ensures a seamless gaming experience with reduced loading times and enhanced game performance.

Tips for Trying New Slot Games

When venturing into the exciting world of new slot games in 2024, it’s crucial to approach them with both enthusiasm and caution. Here are some practical tips for users trying out these games:

  1. Set a Budget: Before you start playing, decide on a budget for your gaming session. Stick to this budget to ensure that your gaming remains a fun and responsible activity. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose.
  2. Understand the Paytables: Each slot game has its unique paytable that explains the worth of each symbol, payline, and the conditions for bonuses or jackpots. Familiarize yourself with these paytables to better understand the game and to strategize your playing approach.
  3. Look for Trial Versions or Demo Modes: Many online casinos offer trial versions or demo modes of new slot games. These are a great way to experience a game without risking real money. They also provide an opportunity to understand the game mechanics and bonus features before playing with real funds.
  4. Read Reviews and Guides: Check out reviews and guides for new slot games. They can provide valuable insights into the gameplay, special features, and user experiences, helping you to choose games that suit your preferences.
  5. Start with Low Stakes: When trying a new game, start by playing with lower stakes. This will allow you to get a feel for the game without risking a significant portion of your budget.
  6. Check for Bonus Features: New slot games often come with a variety of bonus features like free spins, wild symbols, multipliers, and bonus rounds. Understanding how these work can significantly enhance your casino playing experience and potentially increase your chances of winning.
  7. Learn about the Return to Player (RTP) and Volatility: RTP is a percentage that indicates the average amount a slot pays back to players. Higher RTP games generally offer better long-term returns. Volatility refers to how often and how much a game pays. High volatility games offer larger payouts but less frequently, while low volatility games offer smaller payouts more often.
  8. Take Regular Breaks: To avoid getting carried away, it’s important to take regular breaks. This helps maintain a clear head and ensures that you’re playing responsibly.
  9. Use Casino Bonuses Wisely: Many online casinos offer bonuses like free spins or matching deposits for new games. Use these bonuses wisely to extend your playtime and try new games with less risk.
  10. Stay Informed About Terms and Conditions: Be aware of the terms and conditions associated with new games, especially when it comes to bonuses or payouts. Understanding these can help avoid any surprises down the line.


As we conclude our journey through the captivating realm of new online slot games in 2024, it’s clear that this year stands as a landmark in the evolution of digital gaming. The industry has leaped forward, offering an array of games that are not just about chance but are rich in storytelling, graphics, and technological innovations. From the immersive experiences of VR and AR to the fairness and security provided by blockchain, these games represent a new era in online slots, filled with endless possibilities and excitement.

However, while the allure of these new and advanced games is undeniable, it’s paramount for players to approach them with a mindset of responsible gaming. Setting budgets, understanding the mechanics of each game, and playing within one’s limits are crucial practices to ensure that the experience remains enjoyable and safe.

For those eager to stay at the forefront of this ever-evolving landscape, we encourage you to stay informed and connected. Follow industry news, participate in online gaming communities, and keep an eye on updates from your favorite casinos and game developers. This way, you’ll not only be among the first to try out the latest releases but also be well-equipped to appreciate their nuances and innovations.

FAQs about Exclusive New Online Slots 2024

Q1: What are the most significant changes in online slots for 2024?

A1: The most significant changes include advanced technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), enhanced graphics, narrative-driven gaming, and the integration of AI and blockchain for improved fairness and user experience.

Q2: Are the new online slot games of 2024 safe and fair to play?

A2: Yes, with the integration of blockchain technology and advanced encryption protocols, the new slot games are designed to be both fair and secure, ensuring transparency and safety for players.

Q3: Can I try new online slot games for free before betting real money?

A3: Many online casinos offer trial versions or demo modes of new slot games, allowing players to experience the game for free before committing real money.

Q4: What should I consider before playing new online slot games?

A4: It’s important to set a budget, understand the game’s paytable, start with low stakes, and read up on the game’s features and rules. Always approach gaming responsibly.

Q5: How have technological advancements improved the online slot gaming experience?

A5: Technological advancements have led to more immersive experiences through AR and VR, personalized gaming through AI, and more secure and fair gameplay with blockchain technology.

Q6: Are there any strategies for winning at new online slot games?

A6: While slots are largely games of chance, understanding the game mechanics, paytables, and bonus features can help in making informed decisions. Remember, no strategy guarantees a win.

Q7: Will the new slot games work on my mobile device?

A7: Most new online slot games are designed with a mobile-first approach, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance on a wide range of mobile devices.

Q8: How do I stay updated with new releases and trends in online slots?

A8: You can stay updated by following industry news, subscribing to newsletters from online casinos, and participating in online gaming forums and communities.

Q9: Are the themes and graphics in new online slots different from older games?

A9: Yes, the new slots of 2024 offer a wide range of unique themes and use advanced graphics and animation techniques, providing a more engaging and visually rich experience.

play in casino

Why do people play in casinos?

What drives people who gamble? This topic is given a special place in psychology. Many scientists devoted entire treatises to the study of the peculiarities of the character of a person who is fond of casino gambling.

Interest in games arose many centuries ago. Initially, people were attracted to dice, backgammon and card games. B later people gravitated to the casinos and other institutions where you could try your luck. The feeling of excitement beckoned and attracted: to beat the casino, get both moral satisfaction and material gain.

But how great are the chances to win at such a monster as a casinos?

It is quite clear that no gambling establishment will allow its bankruptcy. Many people make certain calculations, make a variety of techniques, develop strategies, all in order to get the desired profit.

There were craftsmen who were able to do the impossible – to beat the casino. What helped them – a well chosen technique or a conspiracy with one of the casino workers, no one knows. But all the gambling establishments blacklisted the “lucky” players and didn’t let them in again. And the experience of successful players was a kind of bait for the others. Thousands of people in many countries around the world believed that to beat the bitcoin casino is still real.

Online casino

Online casinos were no exception either. At the moment, there are so many of them that anyone can try out their strategies and methods of playing against the casinos, applying banned specially designed computer programs that help you get the winnings in an unfair way. If after that, the account will be blocked, the user to create a new account in another casino. But it can not continue indefinitely, as online casinos began to make their blacklists of cheaters.

But even this did not stop the swindlers. They began to invite fictitious people, to give them a certain amount, so that they played on his behalf. The fake player receives a small percentage for this.

Casino gambling

Choosing a bitcoin casino gambling, do not build castles in the air. Need to be realistic assessment of their chances and should be clearly aware that the gain will certainly come defeat. So the main thing – stop in time. At stake only the amount that you can afford to lose. Casino regulars know that the gambling establishment will not allow the visitor to bankrupt themselves.

Professional players who frequent gambling establishments advise beginners not to play too simple games. For example, making a profit at roulette is almost unrealistic. Winnings are isolated. But in blackjack or crepes the chance to win is much higher.

What attracts people to gambling houses?

If you go back to the original question: “What attracts people to gambling houses?”, the answer in most cases is unambiguous – the excitement and desire to make a big profit in a short time. The developers of new games take into account this psychological peculiarity of man. Therefore, players need to learn to control their emotions. If you lose, you should not be further dramatize the situation and too upset about it. And if you win, try as soon as possible to pacify their emotional excitement. Only then can you get the desired profit and enjoy the process of the game.


The casino is only a game, so the results should be treated with ease. If you decide to play online, play only at a reliable online casino and do not forget that you can get a bonus on your first deposit at an online casino, which will increase the amount of your deposit several times.

Well Of Wonders

Well of Wonders slot machine review by Thunderkick

Swedish developers gambling software Thunderkick, in March 2017 released a bitcoin slot Well Of Wonders, the theme of which was magic, fairy tales and magic.

Its uniqueness lies in its unusual characteristics and rules, which are fundamentally different from most slot machines of the modern generation. Also, if you are attracted to the theme of an enchanted forest, magical runes and magical artifacts in the form of colored stones, Well Of Wonders will definitely have to taste.

Well of Wonders Features

One of the main differences of this machine is the unusual structure of the field: there is no usual gamblers reels and rows. No strict layout of the sections and fields, the characters are placed chaotically across the screen. In addition, the slot is completely absent fixed paylines, as combinations are counted by the number of identical symbols falling out.

Spin rate ranges from 0.10 to 100.00 units of money. The whole range is divided into 14 steps (9 variants of the denomination to 10.00 and 5 variants from 10.00 to 100.00). This set of bets is considered standard for all machines from the company Thunderkick.

The goal, despite the changed characteristics, remains the same. You need to make as many combinations as possible. That is, the symbols are involved in them, regardless of the sequence in which they have fallen out. The smallest prize chain consists of 3x the same elements. Only the highest combination within one chain is paid. For example, if there are 5 identical stones on the field, the payment for 3 and 4 stones is not provided.

The percentage of theoretical payout declared by the manufacturer is 96.1%. The maximum winnings are 228,000 coins.

Well of Wonders Appearance

In order for the external shell video slot corresponded to the declared subject matter, the developers of the company Thunderkick had to try very hard over graphics, sound effects and animations. After all, they had to fill it with a lot of details that would create the atmosphere of a fairy-tale forest full of magic and enchantment. Did they succeed? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the graphic component. The background is made in the form of an enchanted forest, which is the player will be opening this slot. Mighty trees, trunks covered with moss, go far beyond the field, green grass, flowers and small mushrooms. All these small and large details perfectly immersed in the atmosphere of a fairy tale forest. In the center is the main character, stated in the title – the magic well. All in gray stone, with magical runes painted all around the rim.

The style of drawing, of course, cartoon, which immediately leads the user to the association c cartoons and fairy tales. Of the magic well, by the way, and will appear elements in the form of bizarre colored stones. All figures are three-dimensional and three-dimensional, which is not often seen in the machines. Typically, most providers have in their arsenal of 2D video slots, on their background, Well Of Wonders looks more successful.

Control Panel has not undergone any changes. Classic design, typical of products from Thunderkick forwarded to this video slot. All buttons are located in the same familiar places, and in their purpose is not difficult to understand even on an intuitive level.

Animation effects in Well Of Wonders enough. Volumetric stones of different colors rotate around their axis, gently gleaming. A magical stream of energy flows from the well in bright blue, and in the background, you can see chaotically flying fireflies and the subtle shimmer of sunlight. All these effects work for the overall atmosphere, perfectly complementing it, and decorating it. The forest literally breathes and lives due to the animations. Each moving part is made with quality and soul. In the dynamics during the spins, all the characters appear out of the well, and then, at the end of the round, disappear under the control panel.

The course of figures smoothly, and corresponds to the general atmosphere. Sounds fill perfectly fits into this synthesis of graphics and animation, adding more fairy tale character. As a background, the developers decided to use two sound files at once. First one is live and naturalistic sounds of the forest. Birdsong, wind noise, etc. The second is a beautiful musical melody, performed on the metallophone. The sound of this instrument perfectly conveys the association with the fairy tale, and its gentle melody perfectly suits the video slot.

Well of Wonders symbols

A fairy-tale atmosphere, bright colors, and enchanting music. All this is just a shell, but what can “the well of wonders” from Thunderkick offer the user as a stuffing? Now we’ll dig into it and find you all the bonus features and the most expensive characters that can offer a video slot.


The basic group includes nine items. They are – fancy stones of different shapes and colors, different patterns of relief and value. The differences are quite numerous, so it is almost impossible to confuse elements with each other. The most lucrative is a chain consisting of seven round, red stones. This prize chain will multiply your bet by 50 times.

Wild Symbol

The purple stone with a large W in the center is the Wild symbol. He can replace any pebble, in the case of potential participation in the combination. In other words, it will help build or prolong the prize chain.

Prize features

In addition to Wild, get a big win will help a few prize features, which is equipped with this machine.


This feature is activated if there are in the field at least one winning chain. In this case, the whole prize chain disappears, freeing up their cells. All other elements remain in their places and there is an additional rotation, as a result of which the empty cells are filled with new symbols. If this results in another chain of prizes, there is another spin. The function lasts as long as there are prize chains as a result of the re-spins.


This feature is very closely related to the previous one. Multiplier is a multi-stage multiplier with different rates that can increase your winnings per spin by several times. Well Of Wonders has 6 steps multiplier with odds x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 and x32. The transition from one step to the other occurs simultaneously with the Respin function. In case the Multiplier has reached the highest value (x32) and Respin is still in progress, all further prizes are paid by the coefficient of x32. As soon as the combinations stop falling out, the Respin function ends, and together with it the multiplier goes to the initial indicator (x1).

Fairy Feature

This feature can really be called a fairy feature. If there is no combination, a good fairy will come, shuffle all the symbols and fix the situation with her magic wand.

This feature is triggered at random, that is, it may appear on any rotation (if it will be without a winning chain). Its activation is accompanied by the appearance of a good sorceress on the field. With a wave of her magic wand, she frees the field from the single elements (except Wild) and starts Respin and Multiplier. Thus, the fairy helps to collect more combinations. Her action is limited to one round; however, it is quite enough to get a solid win.


Well Of Wonders is a fairly rare product on the online gambling market. The non-standard structure of the field, the lack of paylines – these factors strongly distinguish it among the classic video slots. Another thing – your taste. Some people like kind fairy tales and magic, and someone likes the theme of space or aliens. Some people like classic machines c a lot of paylines and 5-reels, and there will be lovers of these, more simple machines. Whether this slot is your favorite game we do not know, but try it out, at least in free mode, definitely worth it.


IGT – honesty and openness towards players

In order to produce a really high-quality product, first of all you need experience. For example, Mercedes has more than 90 years of experience in the production of cars, Coca Cola has been producing the famous soda for 130 years, and Microsoft creates the best software thanks to 40 years of experience. In the field of development for online casinos is similar: to be the best, you need experience. And IGT has a lot of experience.

IGT is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. In addition, the company has its offices in other cities including Las Vegas, Rome, Providence, London, Manchester, Tallinn, Stockholm and others. Currently, the company has more than 12,000 employees who are working to create high-quality software. All slot machines are created c using the latest technology that allows them to get on top of the popularity immediately after release.

At the beginning of its activity, IGT created slot machines for land-based casinos and bars. Later on, the IGT developers were able to apply this experience to online games as well.

Initially, IGT operated only in the United States market but since 2005 it expanded its geography to the international market. Now IGT occupies about 90% of the market of bitcoin slot machines for land-based casinos in the United States with the annual turnover exceeding $2,000,000,000.


The founder of IGT is William S. Redd. His father was an ordinary farmer, so the family was not rich. As a teenager, William made his money delivering newspapers and spent his first profit to buy a pinball machine and a broken jukebox. After fixing them, Redd approached a roadside restaurant owner with a request to place the machines in exchange for a portion of the profits from them. As a result, William began to make money, which allowed him to accumulate enough money to buy several more machines. Soon his machines were operating in several states and brought a lot of money to Redd.

For reasons unknown, in the 1960s William was forced to sell the business and move to Las Vegas. Sometime later he learned that the owner of the Sparks Nugget casino, Dick Graves, was selling a Bally’s slot machine franchise. Paying $70,000, Redd became its owner and named the company Bally Distributions. Immediately after acquiring the company, William began working to convert the machines from mechanical to elector-mechanical, and then to computer platforms.

A few years later he sells Bally Distributions but pays the new owner $1,500,000 to retain all of the gaming rights. He then acquires Nutting Enterprises, which produced video games, and forms the A-1 Supply Company.

In 1981, he renamed the A-1 Supply Company the International Game Technology, which is the name the company still uses today. The very next year, Inc. Magazine included IGT in their list of the 100 fastest-growing public companies in the U.S. (24th position), and Forbes included the company in their list of the 150 most promising small companies in the U.S.

In 1983, the first slot machine from IGT called Fortune II M. was released. It was the starting point for the long history of the company, which has now produced more than 925,000 machines.

In 1984, IGT acquires EDT (Electronic Data Technologies), the company that introduced the ability to remember and reward players in slot machines. This acquisition marked the beginning of many other purchases of the company: in the next few years Barcrest, Sodak Gaming, Silicon Gaming, Anchor Gaming, Acres Gaming and Wager Works were acquired. All these acquisitions helped IGT to become a leader in the field of development.

In 1986 the world’s first progressive slot machine called Megabucks paid out a jackpot of $1,000,000.

In 1996, IGT launched its own brand, Game King Video Poker. In 1996, after working with Action Gaming, the company released Triple Play Video Poker, a slot machine that became one of the most popular in casinos, bars and other establishments. In the same year was launched, which later became legendary, video slot Wheel of Fortune.

In 1998 IGT acquired Barcrest Gaming and Sodak Gaming. In the same year Triple Play Poker was launched.

In 1999, the company introduced the technology “ticket-in, ticket-out” in machines with EZ Pay. It allowed to avoid handling cash payments. The player could pay for his ticket at the cash desk, insert it in the machine, play and his winnings were printed on the ticket which was later returned to the cash desk and exchanged for money. Also, at the same time a new system of reels spinning in slots called S2000 appeared.

By the year 2000, IGT had produced more than one million machines.

In 2003, Wheel of Fortune machines produced more than 1,000 jackpots totaling $3,000,000,000. In the same year, the company’s founder William S. Redd.

In 2004 they launched their first multi-level progressive jackpot machine called the Fort Knox.

In 2005, IGT purchased WagerWorks in order to expand into the online gambling market for $90,000,000. That year also saw the launch of the first multi-level Fort Knox progressive jackpot and the opening of offices in Macau, Mexico and Russia.

In 2010 IGT produced more than 2x million slot machines for land-based casinos. That same year WagerWorks and Million-2-1 united into a global structure with an office in San Francisco and started to release games for online casinos. That’s how IGT video slots appeared in online casinos. One of the first slots was a game called Star Trek.

On April 7, 2015 IGT merged its assets with GTech. The deal cost $6.4 billion. The merged company was named International Game Technology PLC.

IGT for land-based casinos

At the moment, IGT portfolio contains more than 3,700 games created by IGT Interactive.

If we talk about ground-based slot machines, they can be conditionally divided into two categories: slot machines and lottery machines. The first category includes such machines as AXXIS, S3000, Crystal Dual, Crystal Slant, Max Vusion and others. Lottery machines include Quasar, Prodigi Vu, G20V2 and others.

IGT company primarily known for its land-based casino machines and its popularity is fully deserved. Its developers use personal experience and also take into account local peculiarities of each region where they install the machines. This makes them more convenient, and thus popular among users.

If you get the chance to play one of the slot machines from this developer, make sure you take advantage of this opportunity. With a complete list of machines can be found on the IGT website.

IGT for online casinos

The games portfolio for online casinos at IGT is not as wide as for land-based casinos since the company has been in the sphere of online gambling for such a long period of time. From games IGT offers video slots, bingo, video poker, table games, interactive games, progressive slots, video lotteries and many more. However, mainly the company specializes in slots. Many of them have become famous around the world primarily because they are simply online versions of slots from land-based casinos around the world.

Many games (mostly passionate) from IGT have slightly clumsy graphics compared to games from BetSoft Gaming or NetEnt (they did it because they wanted to bring them unchanged online), high payout percentage, reliability but at the same time high quality. At the same time all new games coming from under the pen of IGT developers have rather good graphic component.

The developers from IGT have also released several lines of slots that are based on the TV series and TV shows. Among the games from IGT for online casinos include Bubble Craze, Wild Wolf, Nordic Heroes, Miss White, Vegas Baby, Day of the Dead, MEGA Jackpots Siberian Storm, Sherlock Holmes the Hunt for Blackwood.

There are also table games in the company’s portfolio: roulette, blackjack, craps, Stud, baccarat and more. Each of the games has several options and allows players to enjoy the atmosphere and excitement. The only problem is to find an online casino that uses these games.

IGT developers did not ignore the owners of mobile devices who like to play gambling. Relatively recently, the company has started releasing games for mobile gadgets and the first of them are Cats, Da Vinci Diamonds, Elvis – A Little More Action and Treasures of Troy.

Also, the games from IGT are placed in the largest social network Facebook. This has opened up access to IGT games to the entire audience of Facebook users.

Integrity and Safety

When it comes to such a big company as IGT, the question of user confidence goes away by itself. The company’s vast experience, its awards, the number of users around the world and the amount of annual turnover exceeding $2 billion speak for it. In other words, the company does not want to risk their reputation, which she earned over the years.

When creating slots, the developers use 128-bit SSL encryption technology, which is an excellent security measure for players and their electronic wallets.

In 2015, IGT was officially certified by the World Lottery Association (World Lottery Association), confirming its honesty and openness to the players.

IGT – company awards


  • Company Vice President inducted into the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame
  • Winning two categories in the 2015 Global Gaming Awards: Product of the Year and Innovation of the Year
  • Awarded “Best Technology Innovation” by the National Response Center”
  • Legal Department of the Year” in Italy
  • Winning the EGR B2B Awards


  • Winning “Best Custom Mobile Solution” at the International Gaming Awards
  • Global Gaming Awards awarded IGT the titles of Land-Based Industry Supplier of the Year and Casino Product of the Year
Gonzo's Quest The Search for Eldorado

Gonzo’s Quest slot: The Search for the Eldorado review

Gonzo’s Quest is considered one of the most popular video slots from NetEnt, along with c Starburst, Dead or Alive, Victorious, Koi Princess and Space Wars.

The road conqueror will not be easy, but to overcome the obstacles on the way he will not himself, and with your help. User has to use wit and go to risk, together with the Spanish gentlemen to achieve the cherished goal. Helping Gonzo solve the mysteries of the Mayan tribes, your c every rotation of the reels will be closer to the countless treasures of Eldorado.

Colorful graphics and animation make the process exciting and realistic. The design of the space reflects the adventure story and adds to the excitement. Anticipation of big bitcoin winnings brings a soundtrack that pushes to go on feats to achieve the goal.

Gonzo’s Quest main features

Gonzo’s Quest slot machine developer has implemented a standard set of technical parameters: five reels divided by three rows of characters. There are twenty fixed lines for payments the player cannot change their number. However, there is a specific feature: stone slabs as if “falling” from the sky, replacing the new ones.

In addition, there are five levels of betting. Like other products of the Swedish manufacturer, the slot machine Gonzo’s Quest allows participants to set the rate for each spin at their discretion. According to their budget, the player can put from one cent to 5 dollars/euros on each of the 20 lines. Thus, the maximum bet per round can be up to 100 units of money, with a minimum bet of 20 cents.

Payouts bring successive combinations on the line from left to right, consisting of the same symbols. If two combinations appear on the same line at the same time, the more valuable combination is paid. Prizes for combinations in different directions are summed up.

The theoretical return rate (RTP) is set at 96%.

Interface and control panel

Gorgeous 3D graphics and sound deserve the highest rating. The beginning of the journey will be a view of the welcome video c with the main character. The player will learn a short story of a conquistador intent on finding Eldorado at any cost. He does not want to make a great geographical discovery, and wants to get hold of the treasures of the ancient Mayan tribes.

The field is a block of colored stone slabs, with carved on them images of the gods of the Maya tribes, which fall from somewhere above. As you can guess, these plates are the symbols. At the same time, this stone wall of blocks serves as a gateway to the mythical land of Eldorado. Each time the field disappears, or explode symbols, you can see the incredibly beautiful palace in the form of a pyramid made of pure gold. On the sides of the playing area depicted a high stone fence, which in addition to the idols carved also human skulls, a clear warning to anyone who wants to trespass on the wealth of the tribe. But our Gonzo is no shyster, and he’s ready to pull off this dangerous venture on his own.

Gonzo’s Quest mobile version

According to recent trends in the development of online casinos, it is not enough to release the machine in the desktop version. Now more and more gamblers prefer to play their favorite video slots on their mobile devices, so manufacturers are working on the development of mobile versions as much as full-fledged versions for computers and laptops. As for the company NetEnt, now all the new slots can be easily run-on smartphones and tablets thanks to the platform NetEnt Touch. Developers are also regularly moving old slots on the new HTML5 platform, which makes the game 100% compatible c any touchscreen and monitors. In the first place, the most popular entertainment, so the slot machine Gonzo’s Quest: The Search for Eldorado is available to play on cell phones / tablets for real money, and free.

Gonzo’s Quest symbols

Since the action unfolds in the gaming machine on the lands of the Indians, graphic designers from NetEnt decided to design a collection of characters in the appropriate style – they are presented in the form of square plates c cut out images of Mayan idols. All symbols c idols presented in different colors: gray, green, pink, orange, lilac, blue and gold. Each of them, appearing on the field three times, will provide the player a reward 3-2500 bets. The most valuable item is a slab of blue. For a combination of five of these images in the direction of the active line the participant receives 2500 bets.

In addition to the basic names there are symbols of special type:

Wild symbol

Wild is the “wild symbol”, depicted as a question mark. It helps the participant to complete potentially winning combinations by replacing the missing names of the main type. His appearance is worth waiting only in the cells of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. The formation of the prize chain is accompanied by an explosion of the question mark, bringing the user the well-deserved payment.

Free Falls symbol

Free falls – symbols of the special category, acting as activators of the bonus round. Fall out only on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels.


Slot machine is the first exciting story, multiplied by an array of original prize features. The bitcoin slot is also notable for its excellent workmanship and intriguing visuals. Elements of 3D graphics, unusual sound design and the original fallout characters make the process interesting and entertaining.

Hurry up to get your share of Eldorado’s treasure in Gonzo’s Quest, do it with real money.


Criminal stories of the mysterious world of gambling

The appealing gambling business hides many secrets. Any casino is shrouded in many secrets, rumors, legends and myths that spread rapidly through society. Some players become rich overnight, while others constantly go home with empty pockets. No one knows who the fortune will favor today and tomorrow. The history of world gambling counts a lot of mysterious stories that are directly related to very large winnings, received under unexplained circumstances. Sometimes criminal elements intervene, which can dramatically change the outcome of this or that situation. This article is a collection of high-profile stories that have been documented in the field of bitcoin gambling.

The mysterious casino robbery

In late 2003, a crime was committed in the early morning hours in the town of Vicksburg. In the process of investigating the case the police encountered various difficulties. The case concerns an employee of the Horizon gambling establishment who worked in a special room where there were slot machines. At one point he decided to take a break, but suddenly he met an armed stranger.

The unknown masked man forced him to come to the cash register and hand over all the cash he had at the time. The criminal had warned him in advance that the building was booby-trapped. Of course, the employees in the hall believed the bandit and immediately gave him $60,000. After that, the robber managed to escape.

After some time, police officers evacuated everyone in the building and searched for a possible bomb. As a result, they found a small box in the office. Only a fake explosive device was found inside the box and no real bomb was found.

Shortly before the robbery an unknown man called the police to say that another gaming house called Rainbow was booby-trapped. At about the same time, he intentionally set fire to a local school.

Police believe that the same person did this just to distract law enforcement from the Horizon Casino. Ultimately, the police were unable to solve the crime, nor were they able to locate the robber and recover the funds.

A night murder after gambling

In 1996 Gail and her husband Bobby decided to visit Cactus Pete’s Casino. They were soon joined by another couple who were interested in spending the evening together. The next day, Bobby and the couple headed toward the hotel, while Gail continued to place her bets at the gambling establishment. Sometime later, Bobby realized that his wife never showed up at their hotel room. So, he and the couple went in search of Gail.

A few days after Bobby filed a police report, his wife’s dead body was found on a vacant lot. Forensic examiners discovered the brutal murder of a woman who had not previously been robbed or raped. While investigating this mysterious case, the police thought Bobby was the real killer, especially after his strange statement at the police station. This theory has not been confirmed. The police investigated the case for several years but then closed it after Bobby’s death in 2000.

Sudden disappearance

The protagonist of this story is an ordinary employee of the Stardust Casino, George Jay Vandermark. He was a slot machine zone inspector in Las Vegas. One day in 1976, the police came to his work with a check, during which it became clear that in this casino, one of the employees successfully implemented a proven scheme of fraud. This type of fraud was organized by local mafiosi, who controlled a constant flow of money through Vandermark. The cunning plan turned out to be very profitable for the criminals, because they enriched themselves by $7 million.

When George realized that he smelled fried, he tried to escape quickly, because if the police caught him, he would have a huge debt to the mafia. As a result, for a time he was able to successfully evade the mafiosi and the police, but one day his luck ran out on him. The police cornered Vandermark and offered him cooperation – he accepted. Soon George’s own son was shot and killed by an unknown assassin. After this, George went on the run again and has not been seen since. Journalists were of the opinion that the Mafia had found him and killed him, but no one has confirmed the truth of this version.

Deadly promotion

A Golden Eagle Indian gambling establishment employee named Jody Bordeaux was living with her husband on the Kickapoo Tribe reservation. In 1997, a shooting at her house suddenly began, and a stray bullet struck her in the head. Pregnant Jody was fatally wounded and so was her unborn child.

While investigating the case, the police had several leads in mind. The most convincing of these was a recent promotion. Shortly before her death, Jody had retrained as an arcade inspector. This decision by the casino bosses led to many questions and conflicts that were constantly brewing in the workforce. The main problem was that the position was considered very lucrative financially, and employees could not understand why Jody had been promoted because she was not even Indian. While talking to the police, the husband mentioned that his wife had been threatened by unknown people on the phone.

The investigation of the crime did not yield any significant results, because the Indians did not want to cooperate with the investigation and frame their fellow Indians.

the algorithm RNG slot

Seven myths about slot machines

Among gambling personalities do not cease to argue about the principles of the functioning of slots. Regularly appear “original” methods that allow to beat institutions and quickly withdraw money from the casino. After a while there are born theories about the fact that the field of slot machines – solid fraud.

The algorithm of the slot is calculated

Among fans of the game at bitcoin casinos, the number one misconception. Machine algorithms are a favorite topic of conversation among hunters for jackpots. They believe that you can learn a certain secret slot machine, to calculate the date and time when the chances of a big win noticeably increase.

Surprising the frequency with which programs for rapid enrichment in casinos appear on the network. Their authors convince you that they know the zen of algorithms in the slots, and are ready to make others happy with their knowledge.

Licensed machines on legal sites produce combinations defined by built-in random number generator. Any developer prepares its own program code RNG, its permanent refinement and improvement.

In the video slots operate different programs, producing numerical sequences. Also, the regulator, the licensing studio, checks the adequacy of the RNG c using multiple evaluation parameters. Only after the game has been successfully tested, it can be purchased by a licensed online club.

The casinos developing business on the Internet are also controlled by the regulator. If the facts of substitution of legal software with scripts are uncovered, there will be attempts of illegal access to the parameters of RNG, the license will be immediately revoked. All fans of gambling should always learn that the slots used algorithms that ensure falling out at 100% random combinations, if we are talking about verified online casinos. No “expert” can predict the next number.

The result depends mainly on the theoretical payout percentage

Of course, this figure affects the result of the draws, if we talk about the long term. For example, having made 1000 bets or more, it is possible to achieve the return percentage specified by the software developer. The more often you spin the drum, the closer the user will get to the benchmark value.

Do not think that the payout percentage, which is set at 98%, will allow you to get €98 if a person makes 100 bets. Such accuracy is achieved only on a very long distance.

On one day the machine can be a joy to win, but on other dates would only eat up the players’ savings. The indicator is called theoretical, because it only shows the hypothetical course of events over a long distance. If guided by it at a short distance, it is easy to get into big financial trouble.

The casino controls the operation of the slot machines

If the institution operates legally, has a license, its owners and rank-and-file employees have blocked access to the parameters of the random number generator and source games. Compliance with the rules is strictly controlled by the regulator. If a violation is detected, the online casino loses its legal status. The same is true for land-based clubs.

The myth about the influence of the administration of the resource, of course, did not appear out of nowhere. The reason is the activities of fraudulent sites with modified copies of legal slots. Sites operating outside of the legal field, may use rigged RNG, games with modified source code.

The latter can lure users with easy wins. However, luck is quickly running out, and the player returns to the real world with empty pockets and a purse. To avoid this happening, you should play only in safe online casinos.

Parameters of slot machines in the demo version and paid mode set different

In the licensed institutions slot demo and full version is set identically, there are no differences in the technical parameters.

The myth was rooted because of the scammers who created sites with illegal copies of virtual machines. Criminals were changing the code of the games to make the free mode more attractive to the user. The calculation was made on the fact that a person will get psyched, register on the site and start making real money bets.

After switching to the paid mode to play casino games in bitcoin or other currencies on illegal sites, the situation quickly changes. Luck ends and a dismal black streak of losses begins. The conclusion of the situation can be made simple. Learn the principles of the slot machine through a free version is allowed only if a person is dealing with a licensed institution and software.

If the slot for a long time did not issue a large winnings will soon be jackpot

Another myth that can trap a player. How does it work? The user continuously bets on a certain slot, anticipating the jackpot. He armed himself with the theory of probability, analyzed the operation of the machine, but success does not come. The man continues to play, spending his savings. More often than not, the end of the story is the complete bankruptcy of the player who believed in the coming success.

Betting strategy increases the chances of a big win

Anyone who has carefully studied the analysis of the first myth, can easily cope with this misconception. Algorithms RNG cannot be calculated by users. Because of this, no predictions do not reflect the real picture. Making strategies in this situation is an empty fun. You can make a clever betting plan for 100 or 200 steps ahead. It may even work once and bring profit on a short distance.

But luck is a random factor here. Once lucky, and in the other case there will be a deep deficit. And all this when using a single strategy

Thousands of players who have tried to make a betting plan are convinced of the reality of the situation. Almost all of them give up afterwards.

Strategies can be used, but not for making money. They are needed to effectively manage bankroll, control the bank, avoid ruin. During the game on video slots is better not to think about money. This approach will help enjoy the adrenaline rush, get pleasure from the process.

On the operation of the slot machines affects the size of the bet

The size of the bet in an honest online casino does not affect the operation of the slot. But there is a correlation between how much money the player uses per spin of the reel, and the theoretical percentage return. This information is official, it is freely available on the Internet.

Machines with small bets usually give winnings not so readily. Jackpot size they also have a small. Virtual heirs of one-armed bandits c large bets and have a higher percentage of payoff. Some machines offer users to fight for different types of jackpots, taking into account the amounts to which the game will be conducted.


Stories about what hackers can break the algorithm RNG slot experienced players can develop a strategy, spawned only the desire of people to believe in miracles and find patterns. The latter statement may seem paradoxical, but that is the reality.

The misconception about the machines, the work of which is regulated by casino administrators, is generated by the activity of cheaters. In the licensed institutions this is impossible to imagine. Here the result depends solely on chance and always remains unpredictable.

gambling winnings

Outstanding winnings that went down in gambling history

Million-dollar gambling winnings are exceptional. If they happened more often, the service operators would have gone bankrupt long ago. In fact, any visitor to the club can become a dollar millionaire. But this person needs to choose certain games in which he can claim significant payouts.

The history of bitcoin gambling knows a lot of amazing cases when people won round sums. Such events are remembered not only by the amount of money one person took away. They are often accompanied by various worldly mishaps, and sometimes tragic details.

Elmer Sherwin – the man who conquered Megabucks

Few avid American fans of gambling entertainment have not heard of the legend of the slot machines – video slot Megabucks. He attracts an audience outrageously huge jackpot size.

Millions of casino visitors dream of taking this prize, but only a few in history have managed to do so. All the more surprisingly, there is a man who has been lucky enough to achieve it twice. His name is Elmer Sherwin.

In 1989, the man stopped by the Mirage, one of the largest clubs in Las Vegas. There Elmer immediately went for his favorite machine. After a brief wrangle, Megabucks awarded the lucky player $4,600,000. Financial success only whetted the appetite of the gambler. He decided not to keep his fortune in the pile and continue to try his luck.

He had to wait 16 years for the next major success. In 2005, Elmer went to the Cannery casino, where he was waiting for an even bigger jackpot. The prize money was $21,000,000. Curiously enough, the legend behind the Megabucks slot machine is notorious. It was believed that the player who has conquered the video slot, will not be able to live quietly and freely dispose of money. Sherwin shamed the creators of myths. He survived safely to this day after two victories, enjoying his wealth and making plans for the future.

The lucky grandmother who lost her place in line

Gloria McKenzie, who celebrated her 84th birthday in 2013, was able to win a record sum in the Powerball lottery at the same time. She won $590,000,000. She had about a 1 in 18 million chance of such success.

Grandma purchased her ticket at a supermarket near her home. While she was standing in line, a kindly helper let her through. She walked up to the clerk and took the top ticket out of the stack. It turned out to be a lucky one. One can only guess what the man who gave up his place to the old lady had to endure. True, no one can say for sure that this guy would have bought the top ticket as well. In any case, the luckier grandmother intercepted the coupon.

Unfortunately, the name Gloria Mackenzie has been taken by scammers. They introduce themselves as employees of a charitable foundation, which the old lady allegedly runs. The guys pay lip service to sending money to everyone in need, but there is a nuance. In order to receive humanitarian aid, several “insignificant” conditions must be met. Of course, following the instructions of the intruders leads only to loss of money.

Cynthia J. Brennan’s Deceptive Luck

The year 2001 was an eventful one for Cynthia J. Brennan. She was working as a waitress and playing video slots. And one day luck smiled on the young lady: she hit the jackpot. $35,000,000 – this amounts the lady received thanks to one machine. At that time, it was the largest win in history.

The lucky young lady immediately left her old job and legalized a relationship with a man she had been dating for several years. Cynthia wanted to go on a trip, but did not have time to realize her plans. She was not destined to enjoy the wealth.

A month and a half or two months passed, and the girl was the victim of a car accident. The traffic accident resulted in the death of her sister. The former waitress herself was paralyzed below the chest after the accident, so she had to move to a wheelchair.

Conor Murphy and perfect intuition

For horse racing fans in the UK, one of the central events is the Cheltenham Festival. The wealthiest fans of betting and the sport come there. Conor Murphy surprised everyone at the event in 2011 and managed to win £1,000,000. The gentleman decided to try his luck on Christmas Eve. He made an “express” and guessed the top-ranked horses in five races.

Horse racing fans know how difficult it is to pick all five winners at once, and to do it beforehand. The more surprising is the achievement of the Englishman. After his victory, Conor Murphy immediately became a local legend. Before him, no one had managed to get such a sum thanks to one lucky bet.

Lucky Don Johnson

It only takes luck to win the lottery or the progressive jackpot on a slot. It’s much harder to succeed financially at blackjack. And only a select few can repeat the phenomenal success in this form of gambling entertainment in several establishments in a row. B their number managed to get Don Johnson, the namesake of the popular actor, a professional gambler.

In 2011, the guy managed to make a splash in Atlantic City, when in one session he beat the Tropicana Casino, Borgota, Casino & Spa. Lucky immediately won worldwide recognition among blackjack fans, and along with it, he became rich by $15,000,000.

Generous Mr. Colin.

July 2011 was a good month for the Brits Colin and Chris Weir. They were fortunate enough to win the Euromillions. The lucky couple claimed the top prize of over £161.5 million. But it wasn’t just the sheer size of the winnings that made the residents of the misty island famous. The guys did not jump into all the tricks at once, preferring not to wallow in luxury. They spent a significant portion of the money on gifts for relatives, friends and acquaintances.

The result of this ride of unheard-of generosity was the donation of dozens of expensive cars and other expensive items to third parties. Chris and Colin have also set up a charity, The Weir Foundation. They have donated over £0.5 million to a local soccer team.

Where to win big bucks

In the age of the internet, it is possible to make a fortune from the comfort of your home. Dozens of licensed online casinos offer thousands of different gambling activities with big cash prizes. Available slots c progressive jackpots, games c high limits. Attention deserves large-scale tournaments with prize funds in the tens of millions of dollars.

Online lotteries also flourish. They are organized by operators from different countries. Any resident of any country can participate in the lottery. It is even possible to buy a ticket or play in a virtual club by using a smartphone. Moreover, it is through mobile gadgets that most of the users now go to sites with gambling entertainment.

Playing on the internet or a land-based institution, it is important not to forget that the chances of quick success are not as great as you would like. With the growth of the amount of prize money more people begin to claim the winnings. Therefore, it is necessary to adequately assess your own capabilities.

Asgardian Stones 

Asgardian Stones slot review by NetEnt

Company NetEnt on February 19, 2018 introduced a bitcoin slot called Asgardian Stones. You will find yourself in a celestial city inhabited by Scandinavian gods and try to solve their great mystery. Go through this quest you can, deciphering their secret messages on the stones. This is not the first game from NetEnt on the theme of ancient mythology.

Asgardian Stones Main Features

The peripatetic on the screen will be a consequence of the action taking place within the field. It consists of 5 reels and 3 rows with 20 paylines. You’ll find features like Bonus Wheel, Free Spins, Colossal symbols and Wild substitutes, as well as the Avalanche feature. With the help of the parameters “level” and “up to coins” in the toolbar, there is an option to choose the bet amount for each spin, ranging from 0.20 to 200 units of account currency.

Winning combinations, except situations in the Bonus Wheel, are determined according to the payout table. A winning chain is a sequence of three or more identical elements going from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel. Only the highest combination is paid within one betting line. Parallel winnings by lines are summed up.

The payout for one played spin reaches 200,000 coins. As for the RTP in Asgardian Stones, it is 96.31%.

Asgardian Stones Set of symbols

We’ve already mentioned above that the name of the slot translates as “Stones of Asgard”, and it’s logical to assume that it’s the stones that will play a decisive role. It is from the stones in the form of symbols are determined combinations. Provided for a total of 10: 8 basic and 2 special.


This group is represented by five symbols with the image of gods and three card values. Each stone with the gods has a different color: yellow, green, blue, purple and gray. The highest paying element is a portrait of the main god of Scandinavian mythology – Odin, the mask of which has a yellow color. Five of these images on the betting line will bring 500 coins. Three card symbols from queen to Ace have identical scores in the payout table: for a chain of them you get 2, 5 or 30 coins.

In addition to these, there are Colossal symbols. They are much bigger than the regular ones, and can take from 4 to 6 positions on the reels. They appear in blocks of 2×2 (4 cells) or 2×3 (6 cells), and may appear on the field in whole or in part depending on when you stop the reel. Colossal appears periodically during the Avalanche function.


Like almost any modern slot, Asgardian Stones has special characters. As a rule, they are the most interesting.

Wild symbol

Symbol represented in the form of a bull W enclosed in a cube of clear ice performs the functions of the Wild. As in most other slots, Wild replaces the other elements (except the bonus element) to make the most profitable combinations. Bo while Free Spins the wild appears as a block of Colossal Wild.

Bonus Wheel symbol

Perhaps this is the most interesting and most desirable symbol. It takes up nine cells at once and is a 3×3 block that appears only on the last three reels. Just like Colossal, it can fall out either completely or partially. During the Bonus Wheel cash winnings and/or free spins are played. The Wheel of Fortune stops when all Avalanches are completed and the prize is counted.

Prize Features

What makes the game in the machines so diverse and exciting? Of course, it’s bonus features! Developers NetEnt are not stingy and here, moreover, made them very original.


The first feature worth noting is a feature called Avalanche, which is found in other slots from NetEnt, such as the acclaimed Gonzo’s Quest, Elements: The Awakening and Finn and the Swirly Spin. Its essence is that the symbols fall into the cells on the reels, instead of scrolling, and when the field is a combination is activated Avalanche. Somewhat reminiscent of the familiar free spins. The elements that took part in the prize chain explode and disappear, leaving room for the symbols on top.

Accordingly, new elements appear on the reels, and their number will always be equal to the “exploded”. This series will continue until there is no prize combination on the reels. The Avalanche winnings are summed up with the prizes on any bet line.

Colossal Crush

Colossal can randomly crush the symbols on the cells below them during the round. This prize feature is activated after the start of Avalanche both within the main game and during Free Spins. If an empty cell appears under the Colossal as a result of a winning situation, it will fall down, destroying all elements in the row below it. Falling down will continue until there are no empty positions below it, or until it falls to the bottom row.

Each time the Colossal falls lower, the player is awarded an additional multiplier (to the left of the reels). Going one row lower corresponds to adding a multiplier by one, so the maximum multiplier is 4.

Bonus Wheel

This prize feature is triggered when the Bonus Wheel appears on the field. The Wheel of Fortune can be displayed in whole or in part. Once it has been hit, the wheel starts spinning and stops after all Avalanche and coin counting. As a result of the rotation the player has the opportunity to win a cash prize or Free Spins. The number of sections on the reel depends on how many cells are displayed: 3 cells – 1 section, 6 cells – 2 sections, 9 cells – 3 sections. Cash winnings are 1, 2 or 5 times the size of the total bet. The maximum multiplier at the end of the rotation of the wheel is 36. The multiplier of Colossal Crush feature is also applied to the prizes within Bonus Wheel.

Free Spins

As we mentioned above, the Free Spins round is won with the Bonus Wheel mini game. The Wheel of Fortune has three sectors one after the other, each giving 5 free spins. So you can get 5, 10 or 15 free spins in the round.

Free Spins are played at the same level and with the same coin value, as the round, which activated the Wheel of Fortune. During the round with free spins, the wild can be Colossal Wild (take several positions at once). If Colossal Wild is involved in a prize combination, it divides by 1×1, that is, each cell has a separate Wild. Te wild symbols, which have become part of the chain, explode and disappear, and the rest remain in their positions.

The Wheel of Fortune is activated no more than 3 times during Free Spins, and within one round no more than 25 additional spins are given. Prizes during Free Spins are added to all the prizes won before.

Asgardian Stones Conclusion

Asgardian Stones – a fascinating game in a fantasy genre from the Swedish company Net Entertainment, it will take you to the mysterious atmosphere of the city of northern gods – Asgard. Here you will learn a lot about Norse mythology, and be able to appreciate the innovative possibilities in software development. A fascinating story line and realistic graphics will be appreciated not only by fans of ancient Norse mythology, but also those who have never been interested in the subject. It is impossible not to mention the abundance of prize features in the slot, and not only their quantity but also the quality. Prize features will appear with enviable regularity, and may well bring you a very solid winnings.

Buffalo King Megaways

The Mysterious Buffalo King Megaways Slot Machine

Buffalo King Megaways is bitcoin casino slot machine from Pragmatic Play which has an eight reels and six paylines. This version in the number of lines is due to the unique feature of the Megaways machine which allows a random set of reels per play, which means that the number of lines per spin also causes the maximum number of paylines to change with every spin, this is a common characteristic of the slot machines that make them unique and offer a great casino experience. The machine also offers a maximum of three coins on a single reel, but you can use more than one if you wish and for a maximum of ten coins on any single reel. These characteristics are seen on many other online casino slots including those on Cardplayer.

Buffalo King Megaways jackpot

One thing that is different about the buffalo king megaways slot machine is the payline that appears at the bottom of the screen. The symbol on the right hand side is not a traditional icon like the icons used on other machines, but there is actually another symbol which appears briefly and is located next to the star symbol. The symbol in this case is interpreted as “jackpot” and it is a reference to how big the jackpot is when the game has finished.

This is an example of the technology used in this particular slot machine. Some of the symbols that appear in the payline have a definite meaning, but others do not, which means that certain symbols can have different meanings depending upon the game you are playing. It will be necessary to know what these symbols are in order to gain an advantage over your casino competition.

Buffalo King Megaways bonus features

One of the most unique features of the buffalo king megaways slot machine is the amount of bonus features that are available upon spins. The more bonus features a machine has, the higher the payout that is possible. In order for this to be possible, a casino would need to place a lot of money into the machine. In some cases, they may want to avoid placing that much money into the machine because they are worried that it might get them into trouble. There have been a couple of cases where gamblers have been penalized for using these bonus features.

Although the wilds of the American prairie were once a place where people would hunt for food, this is no longer the case. Instead, there are many companies that lease land in the area. These companies own the land, and they are interested in protecting their investment. Therefore, they often seek to prevent slot players from accessing these highly lucrative bonus features on their machines. In addition to this protection, they also often seek to stop slot players from accessing certain bonus features which are located within the wilds of the American prairie.

The Wild slots

This protection tactic is an effective one, but not one that is found in every single Buffalo King Megaways slot machine. In fact, since the inception of this slot game, they have attempted to make the Wild slots even more difficult to play. Their aim was to prevent any user from achieving a guaranteed payout. In the case of the buffalo king Megaways slot game, this meant that a player needed to win a jackpot before they would see their winnings. Today, even this protection is no longer effective because the random number generator that is used for the wild slots helps to ensure that each and every slot game that are played on the machines will have a winning rate of over 95%.

Free spins

One of the most annoying features of the buffalo king getaway slot machines is the free spin offers. These free spins are designed to lure you into playing more than you wanted to. Often times, the user will be encouraged to play more than they intended just so that they can claim the free spins, get the bonus, and walk away with a nice amount of free money. The best way to avoid these free-spinning offers is to know how much money you have to play with before the free spin appears. You can do this by looking at the value of your bankroll and seeing how much free money you can reasonably expect to walk away with after spinning the machine.

Buffalo King Megaways symbols

Another annoying feature of the king megaways slot machines is the symbols displayed on the reels. These symbols often times flash quickly and are difficult to see. It is often difficult for a user to determine which symbol it is that is being played for each specific spin. This causes many individuals to lose a lot of money because they don’t know what is coming next.

To help improve this part of the slot machine experience, manufacturers have placed numbers on the symbols that represent the exact value that you stand to receive after spinning the reel. This helps you eliminate the confusion associated with trying to determine which symbol is next.

In addition to seeing symbols on the reels that change values, you will also find some symbols that simply move around. You will occasionally see a set of two symbols on a reel, and this does not always mean that you are going to receive two free spins. Sometimes the symbols will change, but no actual payout will occur.

The Buffalo King Megaways machine is known for the randomness that it possesses. When you place your bet, make sure you look over all of the symbols on the reels so you can choose the right one and maximize your chances of winning big money off of the Buffalo King Megaways slot machine.