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The 3 Most Crucial Craps Strategies Anyone Can Master

Some people make a living from bitcoin betting and some people make a living from playing craps. The truth is that anyone who wants to make serious money at craps needs to have a solid craps strategy. Without learning to understand why certain craps bets work and how to profit from craps, you will lose tons of money at craps in a very short period of time.

The best types of craps strategy

One of the best types of craps strategy involves the game of craps blackjack. There are two kinds of craps: white and black. The player who has the black bet and bets outrages the one who has the white bet. This means that if you bet on black and you lose, you will lose everything – your house, your car, and even your pet Chihuahua if you happen to have a Chihuahua.

The first step in any craps strategy is to know the value of each bet you make. Most people figure that if they place a certain number of bets, chances are they’ll win. However, this isn’t really true. You must use careful, calculated estimates. For example, if you anticipate that you might lose a few games, it’s okay place three bets that take care of those losses. On the other hand, if you expect to win a few games and you win two of them, then you’re probably going to walk away with everything.

Betting edges

Another craps strategy involves the use of betting edges. An edge is simply an advantage, or “edge”, over your opponents. It means that you are at an advantage, and it is worth the amount of the bet to you. For example, you may have the best hand, or you may be on the money. When you place a bet, remember that you must place it with certainty, or you will place an equal amount of bets, regardless of whether you have the best hand or not. If you are unsure about whether you have an edge, use the shooter rule – place your bets with your left hand, even if you don’t have an actual card, if you can stand a chance to win.

3 point molly strategy

The third craps strategy worth mentioning is the “3 point molly strategy.” This particular craps strategy is only useful for those who are on a strict bankroll. Those who don’t have a strict bankroll often find themselves at a big disadvantage. For example, you may have a small bankroll and be up against a very high poker player. If you bet with confidence and not much else, the 3 point molly strategy can work for you, since you’ll likely win the pot less than you lose. However, if you have a small bankroll, it is worth it to use this craps strategy, since it won’t net you any extra money, but will still allow you to stay in the game and keep your poker streak going.

The last of the 3 point craps strategy strategies worth mentioning is the no-limit hold’em strategy. While it may not offer the same benefits as the other two, the no-limit hold’em strategy can really help you when you’re on a budget. It requires players to place bets with confidence, since there is a chance of losing everything, but the rewards can be great. It also requires players to know how much they have in their pocket so that they can place bitcoin bets accordingly and so that they do not run out of cash when they are bluffing, which is often necessary.


All of these craps strategies can be used effectively, although some require more skill than others. Those who are skilled at playing craps can sometimes get away with using a variety of these strategies, since they know what to expect and how to deal with situations that may occur. For those who aren’t so skilled, they may find themselves placing unnecessary bets that will only cost them. It’s important, though, to play carefully and to learn to read your opponents and their actions.

It’s possible to learn a good craps strategy if one chooses to take the time to research it. While it is possible to find books written about this game, doing so would take up too much of one’s time. Another option would be to consult a variety of different people, such as those who work in casinos and those who have been playing this game for many years. There is always someone out there who is willing to share their knowledge, and many times it will provide great insight into how to play craps better. No matter what route one takes, though, it’s important to remember that in order to be successful at craps, it’s not only important to place winning bets, but it’s also important to place sensible bets.

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