Poker Jackpots

Types of Cryptocurrency Jackpots

In any bitcoin casino games, jackpots are a type of virtual money awards that a player can win. A jackpot is essentially the largest win possible for a single roll on a specific slot machine. Jackpots are typically won by using combinations of three or more of the given icon on a slot machine. There are different icons used in different casinos. Some of them are: the Double Barrel, Jackpot, Tri-Barrel, Grand Jackpot, and the Neon Jackpot. The amount of money that you can win in a jackpot depends largely on how many people have input win values for that certain slot machine.


There are many different types of slots that offer jackpots as part of their payouts. Slots with relatively smaller jackpots can end up being worth more to players since there are a lower number of players who can win that jackpot. The same is true for larger jackpots. There are literally millions of ways in which slot machines can pay out jackpots in online casino gambling.

Two types of methods for paying out jackpots

There are two types of methods for paying out jackpots in bitcoin casino. In most cases, the player who wins the jackpot will receive either a text message or email saying that they have just won, or they will be notified by a click of a button. With the use of Cryptocurrency, players can play slots using their Cryptocurrency wallet instead of traditional money. There are many different forms of Cryptocurrency available on the Internet. Some of these include: Credit Cards, E-Coupons, Prepaid Credit Cards, and Debit Cards.


There are many different reasons why people choose to play with Cryptocurrencies instead of traditional money. For starters, most casinos do not accept major credit cards, which can make gambling with cash rather difficult. Additionally, a person would have to convert their Cryptocurrency into cash before they can gamble. In addition to this, most traditional casinos do not accept any type of Cryptocurrency. Lastly, with the recent news regarding the unstable state of the global economy, many people are concerned about losing money due to currency fluctuations. Many individuals like the idea of playing slots with their Cryptocurrency, since even when the value of the Cryptocurrency changes, it does not affect the amount of money that you can win.

“Current” or “no fee” Jackpots

One of the most popular ways in which Cryptocurrencies can be used in bitcoin casino games is by providing the option of playing with “current” or “no fee” jackpots. With most online casinos, a player will receive the notice that a new jackpot has been created. When this occurs, players can click on the jackpot to begin playing. It is important to note that some casinos will provide a series of choices for a player to select from. These choices are usually the same choices that will appear on the slot reels.

Progressive jackpot

The next type of Cryptocurrency is the progressive jackpot. Similar to the former, the progressive jackpots will be awarded to the person who wins the game. However, in the case of online gambling, there is an additional amount that is added onto the regular jackpots. This additional amount will always increase with every win that is received during regular hours of operation at the location.

Virtual bet and no deposit kind of Cryptocurrency

There are also the virtual bet and no deposit kind of Cryptocurrency. This form of Cryptocurrency is similar to the virtual bet that you would place on your favorite slot machines. When you place a virtual bet with one of these types of casinos, you are essentially wagering a certain amount of money that you believe the virtual machine will pay out upon your win. The added value of these virtual bet Cryptocurrency is that the associated jackpots will never change. You will be able to enjoy these same benefits, without ever having to leave your present surroundings.

Lastly, you can also enjoy the payouts from slot machines that feature winnings with actual cash, rather than with virtual money. This can work with any variety of bitcoin casinos. Some of them offer their clients the ability to play a slot machine with actual cash and win real money along the way. Others will match the amount of money the virtual bettor places, up to a certain amount, so that he or she does end up making a profit. If you enjoy the chance to win real cash jackpots, then you may find the virtual bet Cryptocurrency to be just what you are looking for.

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