Criminal stories of the mysterious world of gambling

The appealing gambling business hides many secrets. Any casino is shrouded in many secrets, rumors, legends and myths that spread rapidly through society. Some players become rich overnight, while others constantly go home with empty pockets. No one knows who the fortune will favor today and tomorrow. The history of world gambling counts a lot of mysterious stories that are directly related to very large winnings, received under unexplained circumstances. Sometimes criminal elements intervene, which can dramatically change the outcome of this or that situation. This article is a collection of high-profile stories that have been documented in the field of bitcoin gambling.

The mysterious casino robbery

In late 2003, a crime was committed in the early morning hours in the town of Vicksburg. In the process of investigating the case the police encountered various difficulties. The case concerns an employee of the Horizon gambling establishment who worked in a special room where there were slot machines. At one point he decided to take a break, but suddenly he met an armed stranger.

The unknown masked man forced him to come to the cash register and hand over all the cash he had at the time. The criminal had warned him in advance that the building was booby-trapped. Of course, the employees in the hall believed the bandit and immediately gave him $60,000. After that, the robber managed to escape.

After some time, police officers evacuated everyone in the building and searched for a possible bomb. As a result, they found a small box in the office. Only a fake explosive device was found inside the box and no real bomb was found.

Shortly before the robbery an unknown man called the police to say that another gaming house called Rainbow was booby-trapped. At about the same time, he intentionally set fire to a local school.

Police believe that the same person did this just to distract law enforcement from the Horizon Casino. Ultimately, the police were unable to solve the crime, nor were they able to locate the robber and recover the funds.

A night murder after gambling

In 1996 Gail and her husband Bobby decided to visit Cactus Pete’s Casino. They were soon joined by another couple who were interested in spending the evening together. The next day, Bobby and the couple headed toward the hotel, while Gail continued to place her bets at the gambling establishment. Sometime later, Bobby realized that his wife never showed up at their hotel room. So, he and the couple went in search of Gail.

A few days after Bobby filed a police report, his wife’s dead body was found on a vacant lot. Forensic examiners discovered the brutal murder of a woman who had not previously been robbed or raped. While investigating this mysterious case, the police thought Bobby was the real killer, especially after his strange statement at the police station. This theory has not been confirmed. The police investigated the case for several years but then closed it after Bobby’s death in 2000.

Sudden disappearance

The protagonist of this story is an ordinary employee of the Stardust Casino, George Jay Vandermark. He was a slot machine zone inspector in Las Vegas. One day in 1976, the police came to his work with a check, during which it became clear that in this casino, one of the employees successfully implemented a proven scheme of fraud. This type of fraud was organized by local mafiosi, who controlled a constant flow of money through Vandermark. The cunning plan turned out to be very profitable for the criminals, because they enriched themselves by $7 million.

When George realized that he smelled fried, he tried to escape quickly, because if the police caught him, he would have a huge debt to the mafia. As a result, for a time he was able to successfully evade the mafiosi and the police, but one day his luck ran out on him. The police cornered Vandermark and offered him cooperation – he accepted. Soon George’s own son was shot and killed by an unknown assassin. After this, George went on the run again and has not been seen since. Journalists were of the opinion that the Mafia had found him and killed him, but no one has confirmed the truth of this version.

Deadly promotion

A Golden Eagle Indian gambling establishment employee named Jody Bordeaux was living with her husband on the Kickapoo Tribe reservation. In 1997, a shooting at her house suddenly began, and a stray bullet struck her in the head. Pregnant Jody was fatally wounded and so was her unborn child.

While investigating the case, the police had several leads in mind. The most convincing of these was a recent promotion. Shortly before her death, Jody had retrained as an arcade inspector. This decision by the casino bosses led to many questions and conflicts that were constantly brewing in the workforce. The main problem was that the position was considered very lucrative financially, and employees could not understand why Jody had been promoted because she was not even Indian. While talking to the police, the husband mentioned that his wife had been threatened by unknown people on the phone.

The investigation of the crime did not yield any significant results, because the Indians did not want to cooperate with the investigation and frame their fellow Indians.

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