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Seven myths about slot machines

Among gambling personalities do not cease to argue about the principles of the functioning of slots. Regularly appear “original” methods that allow to beat institutions and quickly withdraw money from the casino. After a while there are born theories about the fact that the field of slot machines – solid fraud.

The algorithm of the slot is calculated

Among fans of the game at bitcoin casinos, the number one misconception. Machine algorithms are a favorite topic of conversation among hunters for jackpots. They believe that you can learn a certain secret slot machine, to calculate the date and time when the chances of a big win noticeably increase.

Surprising the frequency with which programs for rapid enrichment in casinos appear on the network. Their authors convince you that they know the zen of algorithms in the slots, and are ready to make others happy with their knowledge.

Licensed machines on legal sites produce combinations defined by built-in random number generator. Any developer prepares its own program code RNG, its permanent refinement and improvement.

In the video slots operate different programs, producing numerical sequences. Also, the regulator, the licensing studio, checks the adequacy of the RNG c using multiple evaluation parameters. Only after the game has been successfully tested, it can be purchased by a licensed online club.

The casinos developing business on the Internet are also controlled by the regulator. If the facts of substitution of legal software with scripts are uncovered, there will be attempts of illegal access to the parameters of RNG, the license will be immediately revoked. All fans of gambling should always learn that the slots used algorithms that ensure falling out at 100% random combinations, if we are talking about verified online casinos. No “expert” can predict the next number.

The result depends mainly on the theoretical payout percentage

Of course, this figure affects the result of the draws, if we talk about the long term. For example, having made 1000 bets or more, it is possible to achieve the return percentage specified by the software developer. The more often you spin the drum, the closer the user will get to the benchmark value.

Do not think that the payout percentage, which is set at 98%, will allow you to get €98 if a person makes 100 bets. Such accuracy is achieved only on a very long distance.

On one day the machine can be a joy to win, but on other dates would only eat up the players’ savings. The indicator is called theoretical, because it only shows the hypothetical course of events over a long distance. If guided by it at a short distance, it is easy to get into big financial trouble.

The casino controls the operation of the slot machines

If the institution operates legally, has a license, its owners and rank-and-file employees have blocked access to the parameters of the random number generator and source games. Compliance with the rules is strictly controlled by the regulator. If a violation is detected, the online casino loses its legal status. The same is true for land-based clubs.

The myth about the influence of the administration of the resource, of course, did not appear out of nowhere. The reason is the activities of fraudulent sites with modified copies of legal slots. Sites operating outside of the legal field, may use rigged RNG, games with modified source code.

The latter can lure users with easy wins. However, luck is quickly running out, and the player returns to the real world with empty pockets and a purse. To avoid this happening, you should play only in safe online casinos.

Parameters of slot machines in the demo version and paid mode set different

In the licensed institutions slot demo and full version is set identically, there are no differences in the technical parameters.

The myth was rooted because of the scammers who created sites with illegal copies of virtual machines. Criminals were changing the code of the games to make the free mode more attractive to the user. The calculation was made on the fact that a person will get psyched, register on the site and start making real money bets.

After switching to the paid mode to play casino games in bitcoin or other currencies on illegal sites, the situation quickly changes. Luck ends and a dismal black streak of losses begins. The conclusion of the situation can be made simple. Learn the principles of the slot machine through a free version is allowed only if a person is dealing with a licensed institution and software.

If the slot for a long time did not issue a large winnings will soon be jackpot

Another myth that can trap a player. How does it work? The user continuously bets on a certain slot, anticipating the jackpot. He armed himself with the theory of probability, analyzed the operation of the machine, but success does not come. The man continues to play, spending his savings. More often than not, the end of the story is the complete bankruptcy of the player who believed in the coming success.

Betting strategy increases the chances of a big win

Anyone who has carefully studied the analysis of the first myth, can easily cope with this misconception. Algorithms RNG cannot be calculated by users. Because of this, no predictions do not reflect the real picture. Making strategies in this situation is an empty fun. You can make a clever betting plan for 100 or 200 steps ahead. It may even work once and bring profit on a short distance.

But luck is a random factor here. Once lucky, and in the other case there will be a deep deficit. And all this when using a single strategy

Thousands of players who have tried to make a betting plan are convinced of the reality of the situation. Almost all of them give up afterwards.

Strategies can be used, but not for making money. They are needed to effectively manage bankroll, control the bank, avoid ruin. During the game on video slots is better not to think about money. This approach will help enjoy the adrenaline rush, get pleasure from the process.

On the operation of the slot machines affects the size of the bet

The size of the bet in an honest online casino does not affect the operation of the slot. But there is a correlation between how much money the player uses per spin of the reel, and the theoretical percentage return. This information is official, it is freely available on the Internet.

Machines with small bets usually give winnings not so readily. Jackpot size they also have a small. Virtual heirs of one-armed bandits c large bets and have a higher percentage of payoff. Some machines offer users to fight for different types of jackpots, taking into account the amounts to which the game will be conducted.


Stories about what hackers can break the algorithm RNG slot experienced players can develop a strategy, spawned only the desire of people to believe in miracles and find patterns. The latter statement may seem paradoxical, but that is the reality.

The misconception about the machines, the work of which is regulated by casino administrators, is generated by the activity of cheaters. In the licensed institutions this is impossible to imagine. Here the result depends solely on chance and always remains unpredictable.

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