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Outstanding winnings that went down in gambling history

Million-dollar gambling winnings are exceptional. If they happened more often, the service operators would have gone bankrupt long ago. In fact, any visitor to the club can become a dollar millionaire. But this person needs to choose certain games in which he can claim significant payouts.

The history of bitcoin gambling knows a lot of amazing cases when people won round sums. Such events are remembered not only by the amount of money one person took away. They are often accompanied by various worldly mishaps, and sometimes tragic details.

Elmer Sherwin – the man who conquered Megabucks

Few avid American fans of gambling entertainment have not heard of the legend of the slot machines – video slot Megabucks. He attracts an audience outrageously huge jackpot size.

Millions of casino visitors dream of taking this prize, but only a few in history have managed to do so. All the more surprisingly, there is a man who has been lucky enough to achieve it twice. His name is Elmer Sherwin.

In 1989, the man stopped by the Mirage, one of the largest clubs in Las Vegas. There Elmer immediately went for his favorite machine. After a brief wrangle, Megabucks awarded the lucky player $4,600,000. Financial success only whetted the appetite of the gambler. He decided not to keep his fortune in the pile and continue to try his luck.

He had to wait 16 years for the next major success. In 2005, Elmer went to the Cannery casino, where he was waiting for an even bigger jackpot. The prize money was $21,000,000. Curiously enough, the legend behind the Megabucks slot machine is notorious. It was believed that the player who has conquered the video slot, will not be able to live quietly and freely dispose of money. Sherwin shamed the creators of myths. He survived safely to this day after two victories, enjoying his wealth and making plans for the future.

The lucky grandmother who lost her place in line

Gloria McKenzie, who celebrated her 84th birthday in 2013, was able to win a record sum in the Powerball lottery at the same time. She won $590,000,000. She had about a 1 in 18 million chance of such success.

Grandma purchased her ticket at a supermarket near her home. While she was standing in line, a kindly helper let her through. She walked up to the clerk and took the top ticket out of the stack. It turned out to be a lucky one. One can only guess what the man who gave up his place to the old lady had to endure. True, no one can say for sure that this guy would have bought the top ticket as well. In any case, the luckier grandmother intercepted the coupon.

Unfortunately, the name Gloria Mackenzie has been taken by scammers. They introduce themselves as employees of a charitable foundation, which the old lady allegedly runs. The guys pay lip service to sending money to everyone in need, but there is a nuance. In order to receive humanitarian aid, several “insignificant” conditions must be met. Of course, following the instructions of the intruders leads only to loss of money.

Cynthia J. Brennan’s Deceptive Luck

The year 2001 was an eventful one for Cynthia J. Brennan. She was working as a waitress and playing video slots. And one day luck smiled on the young lady: she hit the jackpot. $35,000,000 – this amounts the lady received thanks to one machine. At that time, it was the largest win in history.

The lucky young lady immediately left her old job and legalized a relationship with a man she had been dating for several years. Cynthia wanted to go on a trip, but did not have time to realize her plans. She was not destined to enjoy the wealth.

A month and a half or two months passed, and the girl was the victim of a car accident. The traffic accident resulted in the death of her sister. The former waitress herself was paralyzed below the chest after the accident, so she had to move to a wheelchair.

Conor Murphy and perfect intuition

For horse racing fans in the UK, one of the central events is the Cheltenham Festival. The wealthiest fans of betting and the sport come there. Conor Murphy surprised everyone at the event in 2011 and managed to win £1,000,000. The gentleman decided to try his luck on Christmas Eve. He made an “express” and guessed the top-ranked horses in five races.

Horse racing fans know how difficult it is to pick all five winners at once, and to do it beforehand. The more surprising is the achievement of the Englishman. After his victory, Conor Murphy immediately became a local legend. Before him, no one had managed to get such a sum thanks to one lucky bet.

Lucky Don Johnson

It only takes luck to win the lottery or the progressive jackpot on a slot. It’s much harder to succeed financially at blackjack. And only a select few can repeat the phenomenal success in this form of gambling entertainment in several establishments in a row. B their number managed to get Don Johnson, the namesake of the popular actor, a professional gambler.

In 2011, the guy managed to make a splash in Atlantic City, when in one session he beat the Tropicana Casino, Borgota, Casino & Spa. Lucky immediately won worldwide recognition among blackjack fans, and along with it, he became rich by $15,000,000.

Generous Mr. Colin.

July 2011 was a good month for the Brits Colin and Chris Weir. They were fortunate enough to win the Euromillions. The lucky couple claimed the top prize of over £161.5 million. But it wasn’t just the sheer size of the winnings that made the residents of the misty island famous. The guys did not jump into all the tricks at once, preferring not to wallow in luxury. They spent a significant portion of the money on gifts for relatives, friends and acquaintances.

The result of this ride of unheard-of generosity was the donation of dozens of expensive cars and other expensive items to third parties. Chris and Colin have also set up a charity, The Weir Foundation. They have donated over £0.5 million to a local soccer team.

Where to win big bucks

In the age of the internet, it is possible to make a fortune from the comfort of your home. Dozens of licensed online casinos offer thousands of different gambling activities with big cash prizes. Available slots c progressive jackpots, games c high limits. Attention deserves large-scale tournaments with prize funds in the tens of millions of dollars.

Online lotteries also flourish. They are organized by operators from different countries. Any resident of any country can participate in the lottery. It is even possible to buy a ticket or play in a virtual club by using a smartphone. Moreover, it is through mobile gadgets that most of the users now go to sites with gambling entertainment.

Playing on the internet or a land-based institution, it is important not to forget that the chances of quick success are not as great as you would like. With the growth of the amount of prize money more people begin to claim the winnings. Therefore, it is necessary to adequately assess your own capabilities.

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